Watch out for the Waxwings.

Posted by Mrs S. Brennan on November 6th, 2012

  Keep an eye out in the school grounds for the Waxwings.    My husband saw about 40 in the big oak tree next to the Rosehill Site gate today.  These birds  come to visit our gardens in Winter all the way from Scandinavia and Russia.  They eat berries and fruit and last time they visited this country they came to our school and were feeding on the berries on the  tree in the Trinity Site courtyard and also the trees around our school.  If you listen carefully when you are outside you will often hear then trilling before you actually see them.   If you want to encourage them even more into our grounds then putting an apple on top of a small cane and sticking it into the ground will make them come down to feed.  Keep your eyes open when outside.


Mrs. Brennan.

Working with the Tees Valley Wildlife Trust

Posted by Mr M. Waller on November 1st, 2012

We’re really excited that we will be working with the Tees Valley Wildlife Trust over the next academic year through our Growing Greener creative learning programme.

Mr Ashton (People and Wildlife Manager) and other members of the trust will be working with all of the children in the school over the coming months. He has also agreed to post gardening tips on this blog too! This builds on the excellent creative learning work we took part in last year.

Bonfire Night

Posted by Mr Ashton on October 29th, 2012

Don’t forget if you are having a bonfire at home to check it for hedgehogs before you set it alight. Sometimes hedgehogs see the big pile of sticks and think you have made a home for them to hibernate!

Lots of carrots

Posted by Mr Ashton on October 29th, 2012

Last Wednesday you might have seen Rachel and I working in the garden doing some tidying up and weeding. Thank you to the pupils who came to help us. We managed to pick lots of baby carrots from one of the beds, along with some sweetcorn and Year 6, who got very muddy were picking rhubarb again.

Growing Greener

Posted by Jacob on October 18th, 2012

I think Growing Greener is a really good idea. It is really good that we are taking part in wildlife and harvest. We have done alot of things to do with Growing Greener such as :

  • Eco council
  • Harvest festivel
  • Gardens

By Jacob


Tidy up Time on Rosehill Site.

Posted by Mrs S. Brennan on October 12th, 2012

We have been trying to get the allotment area on the Rosehill Site tidied up this week.  The wet summer had made the grass grow more than usual so it was quite a mess.  Once we had managed to get the grass cut and the weeds pulled out we managed to harvest some of the fruit and vegetables which were growing there.  Mrs. Morris and Blue Class enjoyed digging up some of the potatoes and sweetcorn and cooked them in school on Friday.  Very tasty they were too!

The Secret Garden

Posted by Mr S. Jones on October 5th, 2012

Don’t you just love spending Other People’s Money?
If you have been on the Trinity site this week you will have seen the building of a fence around the area of our copse and orchard. I went in there at lunchtime today with ten or so children and it was like magic – even the air seemed different.
There was a hush, the grass was more vivid and the space was secluded, secure and special.
And it has cost us nothing, except some very good organisation and planning – the money has come from Awards for All, the trees were donated and the field had plenty of space going spare.
We would love to hear some ideas for how we can get ‘the community’ involved in our Growing Greener project and help it keep going.

Y4 Runner Beans Run Away!

Posted by Miss Mackie on October 4th, 2012

Earlier this year, Year 4 planted some seeds and they steadily grew over the summer. We harvested them this week and we had a bumper crop! The largest bean was 33cm and the harvest weighed 1.3kgs! Some children enjoyed cooking the beans to create two tasty dishes!

Eco Council

Posted by Miss Mackie on October 2nd, 2012

It’s a new year so that means a new Eco Council! I know that our new councillors will work incredibly hard to help our school stick to our Eco Code!

Every 2 weeks we will post the notes from each meeting here, so you know EXACTLY what is happening, and can give your thoughts on it too!

1. Welcome to all of our new Eco Councillors!
2. Give out Eco – Code agreements for every class to sign and display outside their classroom.
3. Give out light monitor cards so that each class knows who’s job it is to turn off those lights, with their name displayed on the wall.
4. Focus for new term – electricity and water.
5. Try to book a theatre group telling us all about saving water.
6. Continue awarding Eco Ted in KS1 for super energy saving.
7. Continue awarding certificates for KS2 super energy saving. Y6’s responsible for this every Friday.
8. Libby shared her ‘push tap’ idea which we will look into further next week.
9. Next meeting is Friday 12th October at 12:30pm.

Please feel free to post your electricity and water saving ideas here, or simply talk with your class councillor!

Gardening with the Wildlife Trust

Posted by Mr Ashton on September 27th, 2012

Had a meeting with Mr Waller today and I am looking forward to working with all you enthusiastic gardeners soon.


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The Growing Greener programme was initially funded by Creative Partnerships, the UK's flagship creative learning organisation operated by Creativity, Culture and Education. The programme now embodies a greater part of our whole school ethos and curriculum to provide children with relevant, meaningful and inspiring experiences to enhance and improve their learning.

We are still recognised as a School of Creativity for the Creative Partnerships programme. We continue to keep this title in recognition of our provisions for creative learning across the school.