June Gardening Tips!

May 14th, 2010 Posted by Gaynor

Be Green

Stay organic to encourage the wildlife. The insects like ladybirds are helpful to the gardener and will eat the greenfly, so are frogs who will eat the slugs that feast on our lettuces.

Seed planting

Plant up more seeds now inside or out, try lettuces, beans and peas, herbs  like mint and sunflowers. You can reuse food trays for seed trays or make newspaper pots using a special roller and press. Contact me for suppliers. It has been a very strange spring with a very hot May followed by a cold and damp June. It is not to late to plant seeds outside in a cleared patch of land .This does not have to be very big .Sow your seeds in sucession some this week some next week etc ,so they do not all crop at once.You can grow your plants in pots or grow bags.

Herbs and flowers in pots and containers

Try growing herbs and flowers in pots eg chives, basil ,parsley and mint. You can plant nasturtium seeds for lovely yellow and orange flowers that you can eat. They taste peppery and are nice decorating salads.


Keep on top of you weeds and dig them all out including the roots. Compost them if they have not gone to seed or let council recycle them with yout greenrecycling waste.You can get  compost from the council recyling depot at Haverton Hill for your pots and seed trays.

As soon as  flowers and climbing plats start to grow  in the borders put supports in position to stop them falling over like bamboo canes –

REDUCE, REUSE RECYCLE as much as you can

and enjoy your garden this summer.

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